About Sunoco Gas, Fleet & Universal Cards

About Sunoco Gas

To speak with a program specialist directly, please use one of the following numbers:


  • » SunTrak Fleet Card — 800.950.6124
  • » Universal Fleet Card —800.950.6124
  • » Corporate Fleet Card — 800.935.3387

The Sunoco® brand has stood for quality products and services for over 120 years. While we are proud of our excellent and long-standing reputation, we continue to grow to meet the needs of consumers in today’s fast-paced environment. Sunoco’s Retail Marketing business is comprised of approximately 4,700 retail gasoline outlets in 26 states, which are primarily supplied by four high-efficiency refineries. With over 5 billion gallons of gasoline sold and $700 million of merchandise sales per year, Sunoco is a major retailer and recognized brand in the sale of gasoline and convenience store items. Sunoco’s retail outlets are primarily located along the east coast of the United States, especially the I-95 corridor.