Frequently Asked Questio

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose how I want to receive my invoice and pay my bill?

Yes. With the Sunoco® SunTrak and Universal Fleet Cards, you can receive your invoice monthly or weekly. While the Sunoco Corporate Fleet Card is invoiced monthly, you can pay the minimum amount, full amount or any amount in between. Whichever card you choose, you'll get consolidated, detailed billing that is accurate and up-to-date – either by mail or accessed online to print or save in PDF format. Plus, you'll enjoy our flexible payment options: by check, online or direct debit (not available with Corporate Fleet Card).


What kind of information about my drivers and vehicles will I receive?

The Sunoco SunTrak and Universal Fleet Cards provide you with a variety of reports based on the data we collect on individual transactions, including a Purchase Activity Report, Exception Summary, Financial Summary and Site Summary (does not apply to Sunoco Corporate Fleet Card). Plus, using our secure online tools, you can customize exactly how your transaction information is organized for downloading into a spreadsheet or database.


What kind of security and control will the card give me?

When drivers use the SunTrak or Universal Fleet Card, they are required to enter an authorized Prompt ID number to help prevent fraudulent use. Plus, our powerful online tools help you control and enforce your fleet purchasing policy. Depending on the level of control you determine is required for your business, you can choose to use a single tool or any combination of them (not applicable to the Sunoco Corporate Fleet Card).


What if I need help in the middle of the night or on a weekend?

For SunTrak and Sunoco Universal programs, we have an experienced customer service staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call our toll-free number (1-866-755-1032) for help with account information or to make updates to your account. You can also count on friendly, knowledgeable Sunoco representatives to assist your drivers with questions while at Sunoco locations, helping them get back on the road quickly. Our Corporate Fleet Card Program has fleet customer service professionals available to you Monday through Friday, 8-8 EST at 1-800-935-3387.


Can my drivers use their Sunoco Fleet Card for service and maintenance purchases?

Yes, the card is accepted at more than 200 Sunoco® Ultra Service Centers ready to take care of your preventative maintenance and repair needs. You get the convenience of tracking all your vehicle-related costs on one report and paying a single invoice.


I need tax exemption and reporting. Can your Fleet Card programs help me?

Yes, both the Sunoco SunTrak and Universal Fleet Card programs can significantly reduce your accounting and administrative time if your fleet is exempt from motor fuel excise tax or certain sales taxes – at federal, state, county or city levels. For qualified fleets, fuel purchases are billed net of applicable fuel taxes, with full reporting of the purchase data and tax exemption.