Gas Card Rebates, Universal Fleet Fuel Card Management

Nationwide acceptance & savings of up to 6¢ per gallon.
Universal Fleet Card
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Nationwide acceptance & savings up to 6¢ per gallon on monthly fuel purchases at over 5,000 Sunoco locations!

With the Sunoco® Universal Fleet Card, you can have your rebates and nationwide acceptance too! Made for larger fleets that travel outside the Sunoco service area, the Universal card helps you manage your fleet costs with unmatched ease and control… save every month with rebates on fuel purchases at more than 5,000 Sunoco locations… and take advantage of acceptance at over 90% of all fuel retailers throughout the U.S.

Our Universal Fleet Card helps Fleet Managers take command of their total monthly spend, set and monitor Purchasing Policies, even protect their business from potential fraud.

Here are more great reasons to choose the Sunoco® Universal Fleet Card for your business:



Generous rebates

Save up to 6¢ per gallon on fuel purchases at any of over 5,000 Sunoco locations in 24 states. Your rebate is based on the total number of gallons purchased at Sunoco during the billing period, multiplied by the cents-per-gallon savings outlined below (details subject to change).

  • » 6¢ per gallon
       when you purchase 10,000 gallons or more at Sunoco in a month
  • » 5¢ per gallon
       when you purchase 7,000-9,999 gallons at Sunoco in a month
  • » 4¢ per gallon
       when you purchase 4,000-6,999 gallons at Sunoco in a month
  • » 3¢ per gallon
       when you purchase 500-3,999 gallons at Sunoco in a month
  • » 1¢ per gallon
       when you purchase 1-499 gallons at Sunoco in a month

Nationwide acceptance

When your fleet needs to travel outside of the Sunoco area, our Universal Fleet Card can be used at over 90% of all U.S. retail fueling locations.

Expense control and fraud protection

With the Sunoco Universal Fleet Card, you're in complete control. Drivers must enter a unique ID number each time they use their card, protecting you from fraudulent purchases made with lost or stolen cards. Plus, you can easily set customized purchasing limits – ensuring that drivers are only buying what you want them to buy and further helping to prevent fraud, abuse or misuse.

Robust reporting

Why waste time poring through paper expense reports or reimbursing cash receipts? With the information encoded in the Sunoco Universal card's magnetic strip, you'll know who bought what, where, when, and for how much. Accessed online or sent by mail, our easy-to-read reporting gives you the tools you need to manage an effective Fleet Purchasing Policy – monitoring all card activity, fleet fueling expenses and buying patterns.

Powerful online management tools

Helping you stay in control and competitive, Sunoco Universal Fleet Online is our secure, easy-to-use browser-based application that makes accurate, timely information available wherever and whenever you need it. From program setup and maintenance… to monitoring card activity… to fine-tuning your Fleet Purchasing Policy, Universal Fleet Online is your portal for simpler, faster, more effective Fleet Management.

Premium Fleet Services

Our largest customers with 250 vehicles or more are assigned a dedicated Premium Fleet Services (PFS) account manager who specializes in the day-to-day operational requirements of large companies.

24/7 Customer Service

With more than 4,700 Sunoco locations and over 200,000 other accepting locations nationwide, it's always easy for drivers to refuel no matter where they are. And with 24/7 customer service, expert answers are always just a phone call away.

Tax-exempt special program

If your business qualifies for exemption from excise, sales or special fuel taxes, the Universal Fleet Card Tax Exemption and Reporting Program can significantly reduce your accounting and administrative time. Qualified fleets are billed "net of tax" on applicable fuel purchases, with full reporting of the purchase data and tax exemption.

Combining generous rebates with nationwide acceptance, the Sunoco Universal Fleet Card gives you the keys to lower fuel expenses, increased security and worry-free fleet management. Apply online now, call 1-866-747-4430 to sign up by phone or request more information!

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