Fuel Cards & Tools for Efficient Fleet Management


Built for the special requirements of long-haul drivers and mixed fleets.

Accepted at 99% of truck stops and over 60,000 “local” fueling locations across the U.S., the Over-the-Road card is designed to keep your trucks moving, saving you money and time along the way.


  • At the pump: Always pay the posted retail price.
  • Save at Sunoco and Stripes: Get 4¢ off per gallon at any Sunoco and Stripes location.
  • Rebate Network: Save another 3¢ per gallon if the Sunoco and Stripes sites are in the WEX Fleet One Rebate Network.*
  • Get more: For the first 90 days, new customers also get another 7¢ off per gallon at Sunoco and Stripes sites in the WEX Fleet One Rebate Network – total savings of 14¢ off per gallon.
  • No transaction fees: No fee at Sunoco and Stripes including PA NJ and OH Turnpike sites.



  • Valuable data services: Every card swipe captures critical data that provides more control over fleets.
  • Vehicle tracking: Monitor cost per mile and MPG to maximize on-the-road efficiency and savings.
  • Purchase restrictions: Simple-to-set driver spending limits and purchase policies.
  • Add or delete driver cards any time.
  • Security: Driver IDs and odometer prompts for fueling protect you from fraud and lost or stolen cards.


  • Friendly, expert customer care: An award-winning Customer Service team provides help you can count on 24/7.
  • Powered by WEX, a fleet card pioneer on the cutting-edge of fleet management since 1983.

*Non-Sunoco/Stripes locations in the WEX Flet one Rebate Netowrk offer up to 3¢ off per gallon on average.
**Tax Exemption and Reporting Program not available in Michigan and New Hampshire.

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